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Party Packs

3-packs seasoning 1 to 1.5 oz each is $15.00 each



Brewers Pack

I'm too Sexy for my Beer Belly (Cheese and Beer Dip)
The Villain (Chili Cheese and Beer Dip)
& I Bacon Your Pardon (Cheesy Bacon Dip)


The to "go pack"

The Villain (Chili Cheese and Beer Dip)
Let's Get Dilly (Class Dill Dip)
& I'm too Sexy for my Beer Belly (Cheese and Beer Dip)


Don't badger me pack

I'm too Sexy for my Beer Belly (Cheese and Beer Dip)
The Villain
(Chili Cheese and Beer Dip)
& I Bacon Your Pardon (Cheesy Bacon Dip)


For a Dip: Add 1 cup sour cream & 1 cup mayo
For a Cracker Spread: Add 1 cup sour cream & 1 8oz. cream cheese



Something Zesty

Our zesty dip packets are 1 to 1.5 oz each. This product is specially formulated to make a heaping 2 cups or 16oz of dip.
Guaranteed to add a little spice to your life. Prices range from $3.33 - $4.00.

The Hottie

You asked for Hotter you got it! A perfect blend of smoked chipotle and buttermilk ranch sure to heat you up every time.

Oh Sit and Spinach

The Green Mean Love Machine. A classic Spinach dip perfectly blended to keep you sitting and Spin(aching) for a long time.

I'm not
Pest-o-ing You!

Spinach pesto dip like you ain't never tasted before.
It's new and exciting.

Always Kiss me Goodnight

(Gourmet Garlic) If you like garlic you are sure to love this. It truly is a garlic lovers favorite. (Ladies its a sure bet he will stay on his own side of the bed with this one.)

Horsin Around Bacon Horseradish

Everyone loves to horse around just be careful this little pony nuzzles back. It is just the right amount of horse for all you cowboys and girls.

Let's Get Dilly

It might sound silly but it is a naughty twist to the classic dilly. Try it on fish, chicken or pretzels, the possibilities are endless.

I Bacon Your Pardon

Excuse me, It's Mr Pig to you! This is the Boss of all bacon dips. Be rude it's ok, eat as much as you want. It's good!

The Villain

(Spicy Chili Cheese -n- beer) He is sassy and mean but oooh so good. What more can we say.

One Hot Cajun Mama

(Cajun Dip) You asked for Hotter and here she is. Cajun dip with the Southern Girl attitude.

I'm Too Sexy for my Beer Belly

(Beer Dip) The beer and spices have dunlapped over with this one.

Lettuce Alone

(Bacon, No Lettuce, Tomato)

Beauty and the Beast

(Jalapeño & Cranberry) Hot and sweet the perfect combination to any good relationship. It's great to try something new, add spice to your life and try this on Wheat Thins, cockail rye or sesame sticks.

Your my Super Herb Hero

Everyone loves an Italian! Parmesan and Herbs make this dip a comfortable fit for any first date, second date... well really any date. It's a good old fashion classic ready for every occasion.

Get A Room

(Italian Mushroom) Garlic and Italian seasonings with a nice blend of mushrooms sure to keep any room the life of the party.

The Godfather

(Buffalo Hot Wing Dip)

Shake Your Ta-Ta-Tomatos

Creamy Salsa

The Hot Rancher

Peppercorn Ranch

The Cry Baby

Sour Cream & Onion

Fiesty Fiesta

This little fiesta has a feisty kick, sure to spice up your next party.

Bling 4 Carrots

This vegetable packed dip is great for chips or veggies. Includes carrots, spinach, tomato, onion, cellery and a garlic zing


For a Dip: Add 1 cup sour cream & 1 cup mayo
For a Cracker Spread: Add 1 cup sour cream & 1 8oz. cream cheese



Sweets for your Sweetie

Cheesecake dips are 6 to 7 oz and formulated to make 3 cups of dip or cheese cake filling.Prices range from $3.33 - $4.00

I Love You a Whole

(Chocolate) Go ahead dip into something more comfortable!
It's just chocolate.

The Match maker

(Cranberry Orange) It is not mail order. It's our own Match made in Heaven. Dried cranberries with a hint of orange together forever.


(Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

When CheRry met Chocolate

(Chocolate Cherry) All good movies must have a memorable love scene all good dip companies must have a great dip. We are sure you will not forget when Cherry and Chocolate met.

The Love Affair

(White Chocolate Caramel) 
It is hard not to tell sometimes, but this is a great not so kept secret. 
Shhh it's our little secret it is great served warm with apples.

Smooch me S'mores

(Chocolate & Marshmallows) Always wanting more! Smooch me S'mores is a great way to end the date or start it.

Razzle Dazzle Me

(Raspberry Lemonade) Classy and tart with fruit we are sure this one will go right to your heart.

Butter Me Up

(Chocolate Peanut Butter) No need for flattery or sucking up, serve
warm and it's better than a peanut butter cup.

Peppermint Kisses

(Chocolate Mint) Say I love you or just a simple kiss!
Chocolate and peppermint, with this who could miss. Warm it up or serve it cold. Together the flavor will never grow old.

Will you Strawberry Me

(Strawberry) Now dip something chocolate in it and the answer is YES!!

Whole Lotta Colada

(Pina Colada) Just grab your Hula Hoop and grass skirt and the party is complete. Oh don't forget the pineapple and fresh fruit for dipping.

Pucker up and Kiss Me

(Lemonade Cheesecake) Kiss and tell, we hope you do!
It is lemony and tart try it with fruit to start.


Batter Be Good

Cake batter cheesecake dip. Sure to get your sprinkles on.


For a no bake cheesecake add: 8oz. Cream Cheese, small Cool Whip thawed
For a Cheesecake dip, for fruit, grams mix: 8oz. Cream Cheese & 1 cup sour cream



sautÉ seasoning

3.8 oz seasoning is $11.00 each



Veg-table Dancers

Spice Blend to dance up your veggies.
For sauteing vegetables.





Add 1 - 2 Tbsp of spice blend to a skillet of vegetables, toss and heat with olive oil or butter.



Bread mixes are 25-30oz. per package. All breads are $6.00 each.

Beer Naked

A traditional Beer Bread can be made with Beer or your favorite carbonated beverage. Use beer, root beer or be creative try Orange with some cranberries or Mountain Dew with dried cherries. Wherever your creativity takes you this bread will be a wonderful treat.

Chunky Dunkin

A little chubbier version of our classic beer bread. We have added a Wisconsin favorite, Cheddar Cheese and a little onion.



Meat Rubs and Marinades

Meat rubs and marinades sizes vary depending on the flavor. All rubs are $5.00 each.

Grills Gone Wild

Excellent wild game, beef, chicken or pork rub. Perfect for grilling, the smoke house or under the broiler. Savory combination of hickory and juniper gives this rub everything it needs to make your grill go wild.

The Jerk

Sometimes it's okay to be a jerk. A beautiful Caribbean blend for fish, chicken, beef or game.


Whisker Rub

Ooo La La. Add alittle whiskey to this rub and see what happens. Sure to turn any piece of meat into a new and exciting treat.

Wine Cheese Balls

Wine Cheese Balls are $5.00 each.



The Ziner

Cheddar cheese and almond

The Winer

Garlic and the perfect Italian blend of Spices




Mix 1/2 of the bottle with 1 block of cream cheese & 2 teaspoons of your favorite red or white wine. Can use sparkling grape juice too. Add slivered almonds or fresh grated cheese to either for a fantastic treat.